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When we all were learning in our colleges we used to do several activities. Some of them were social, some were helping kind-off etc., taking part in awareness programs, Essay contest, Poster contest etc. Topics were AIDS, Alcoholism, Female Foeticides, Plantation, Water conservation and much more. From all these activities, thoughts etc. the concept of “Environment Conservation” was coming to its slow but steady form. Continues working for nature, mankind, Plants-animals-birds, Jungles, water etc. ‘ENCON’ came in a concrete shape.
Awareness of Keeping environment clean and healthy, Protecting and conserving our surroundings, Development and save jungles, Protect tigers and other animals-birds, Water pollution, conserve water, save conventional energy and at the same time produce unconventional energy, fight against alcoholism, smoking, female foeticides, child abuse, working for senior citizens etc. became our mass campaigns programs.
Shrikant D. Bangale
Milind D. Yendpreddiwar
(Vice President)
Sameer S. Barokar
Onjal, 152/57, New Somwari Qrts, Raghuji Nagar, Nagpur-24
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